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Real estate financing is an important and complex topic. For those who are dealing with this financing option for the first time, it takes a lot of time to get an overview of the market. The expert team at Finanzleuchte makes the search for real estate financing more straightforward. Our values influence our decisions and connect us with our clients.

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This is what the team of Finanzleuchte stands for


Transparency, fairness, and honesty form the foundation of our identity and corporate culture. We demonstrate that financial services can function optimally without opaque processes and ruthless profit maximization. Our mission is based on strong values that ensure optimal service quality and advisory performance. We see ourselves as part of a transformation process in the financial industry. Together with our customers, we shape the path towards greater fairness and transparency.

Dedication & Diligence

With enthusiasm, dedication, and diligence, we work to find customized financing solutions for all customer needs. Our advisory practice is characterized by respect, understanding, and empathy. We listen attentively to identify the right products in the complex financial market. In doing so, we rely on a combination of data, logic, and understanding to realize financing desires.

Customer-Centric Approach

Financing a property or condominium is one of the most important decisions in life. In our advisory services, customer interests are our top priority. Based on this foundation, we make rational decisions together for the right financing concept. We provide full and comprehensive information, ensuring that our customers know exactly which decision is the right one.

"I have been dealing with the topic of finance for many years. Already during my training at a Raiffeisenbank, I realized the importance of high quality and service orientation in this field, which is built on trust. In over 10 years of working in the credit business, I have experienced how unique the process is with each individual customer. I quickly recognized the need for a high degree of empathy and understanding, in addition to professional and factual expertise, to handle the processes to the satisfaction of all parties involved. I am committed to continuing to meet this demand and promise to give my full dedication.

Outside of work, sports help me stay fresh and energized. With renewed strength, we can embark on the journey together and quickly and digitally bring you the optimal financing solution."

Eduard Lang
Founder & Financing Expert

We simplify the process of real estate financing and make it more transparent

Our goal is to fundamentally change the perspective on construction and home financing in a sustainable way. We take great pleasure in having satisfied customers who start their secure future with a solidly financed home. Conventional agents focus on product sales, but the team at Finanzleuchte approaches real estate financing with a holistic view that benefits our customers. Together, we explore which property and loan option can make their personal dreams come true. Key questions help us accurately assess their needs. In detailed discussions, we present different financing possibilities and their pros and cons. You won't find a car salesman mentality at Finanzleuchte. We see ourselves as "doctors" among real estate financing experts, providing a precise diagnosis. Our aim is not just to sell products; we provide all the information so that interested parties understand the products from the ground up.

To meet our high consulting standards, we have developed a unique recommendation algorithm. With this innovative approach, we find tailor-made real estate financing solutions for each individual customer situation. The offer with the best conditions is carefully selected from products offered by hundreds of lenders.

Our mission is close to our hearts. Together with you, we make the dream of owning a home come true. Intelligent financing decisions are made with the right expertise. We support customers in confidently choosing the right real estate financing option. Clear and easy processes and independent advice go hand in hand at Finanzleuchte. Our clients find a friend in us, someone they can trustfully turn to with all their financial questions.

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