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We compare with you from over 450 providers for construction financing and together, we find the right one for you. This way, you benefit from expert advice and favorable interest rates.

What would you like to finance?

To ensure your financing goes smoothly, we need some basic information to provide you with a meaningful financing solution.

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What costs do you expect?

Our financing calculator helps you calculate your construction financing completely online. You will receive an accurate calculation of the monthly installment, the necessary loan amount, and the additional purchase costs.

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What are the current interest rates?

Here you will find the current interest rates from our partner banks and calculate your construction and real estate financing.

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What is your budget?

Find out the maximum property value you can afford. Our budget calculator takes into account your personal and financial circumstances and calculates your maximum budget as well as the maximum loan amount.

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Which fixed interest rate suits you best?

The fixed interest rate describes the locked-in interest rate in your loan. Within this binding, you are not dependent on changes in the financial market.

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Step by step to your own property

1. Check Feasibility

Answer some questions about your personal and financial situation, as well as your property. We need this information to create customized financing options for you.

2. Compare Options

We use innovative algorithms to find financing options that truly match your needs.

3. Your Financing Certificate

In the meantime, you can upload a few documents and receive your financing certificate. This certifies to your seller that you can afford to purchase a property up to a defined purchase price and will be of great help to you during property viewings!

4. The Consultation Meeting

Your financing expert will answer all your questions and explain every financing option in detail during a personal meeting. This way, you are guaranteed to find the right financing at the best interest rate.

5. Apply for Financing

Once you have found the right financing option that best suits you and your needs, you can apply for it directly online.

6. Submit Documents

Upload all the necessary documents to our secure data storage. Once all the documents are approved, we will submit your financing application to the selected bank.

7. Submit Application

We communicate with the bank on your behalf and will inform you if further information is required.

8. Receive Confirmation

We will call you once your financing application has been approved. The financing contract will be sent directly to your address.

9. Sign Purchase Agreement

You meet with the seller and the notary to sign the purchase agreement for your property.

10. Loan Disbursement

Once the bank has received all the necessary documents, they will begin the disbursement of your loan!

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